Unabhängig, weil kompetent

Since 1986 IFB Consulting sucessfully consulted more than 800 projects.

This is the center of competence and core business at IFB.

Especially the combination of architectural acoustics, sound system design and audio-visual media makes IFB your #1 choice when projects require a high level of technological integration.

At IFB the so-called covergence, the integration of all media technologies together with increasing IT abilities has been logically evolving for more than a decade.

Of course, IFB depends on collaboration and technical information of the industry.

But, IFB independently elaborates especially tailored concepts to fit your projects.

This competence will help you to control budget, deadlines and details of your installation even during the hot construction phase.

Because of these abilities IFB is often asked to support already ongoing projects as consultants and troubleshooters.

Do not hesitate to contact IFB, we will surely find a feasable solution for your issues.

Impressum: IFB Consulting | Ginsheimer Str. 1 | 65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg | Germany


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