Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic Consulting

Architectural Acoustics

Design of interior surfaces to control and disperse acoustic energy

space room shape room

Establishing proper Conditions for unplugged or reinforced Speech and Music Reproduction for various Applications.

IFBcon offer a variety of consulting, design and engineering services tailored to fir your project needs:

  • PE Services

  • Common Planning, Design and Consulting
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Tests, Measurements
  • Expertise
  • CAD-Simulation
  • CAD-Modelling on Demand
  • ...

Typical Applications like:

  • Auditoria
  • Convention Centers, Meeting Rooms
  • Houses of Worship
  • Parliaments, Boadrooms
  • Conference Rooms, Video
  • Railway and Airport Facilities, Transportation
  • ...

Please do not hesitate to contact IFB for further information related to acoustic consulting services.

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