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Planning is thinking ahead ...

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Besides technical know-how and craftsmenship competent planning and consulting is based on confidence and understanding and the ability to adopt yourself to various kinds of situations.

Looking at any crucial process you will find people meeting one another that have to find a way how to get along and reach the goal together.

The crucial ressource at IFB is the people working on the solution of client's issues on a daily basis.

In order to give you a chance to imagine who these people are, they have left some pictures for you on this site.

Probably they also want to remind you that they are all human beings, made of flesh and blood, that they want to give their very best, but may not function perfectly every day.

Christina Bybee

Verena Brettschneider

Volker Holtmeyer

Volker Löwer

Isolde Los

Rolf Mayer

Rainer Schmülling

Frank Sokat

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