New European Central Bank Premises, Frankfurt/Main

Owner: European Central Bank, Frankfurt/Main


Completion: planned for the end of 2013

ECB New Premises, Image: Stefan Laub - ©

The European Central Bank's New Premises will be constructed in Frankfurt's east-end according to the conceptual design by the Viennese architecture office COOP HIMMELB(L)AU till the end of 2013.
The conception will be formed from three basic elements: a high-rise twisted shape twin-tower, the former wholesalemarket ("Gro▀markthalle") and a so-called cantilever which connects the wholesalemarket to the twin-towers and marks a clear entrance.

The two towers are connected by a high-rise atrium which will serve as internal communication area. An efficient and vivid use will be made of the former wholesalemarket by the assignment of the entrance-, visitors- and conference- areas, as well as the press center, the library and the staff canteen.
The concept comprises of approx. 185.000 sqm gross area for conference rooms and other functional areas.

IFB Consulting supports the European Central Bank as expert/consultant for the entire media technology to put the European Central Bank's new building project into effect.

For further informationen related to the European Central Bank's New Premises please use this link: European Central Bank New Premises.

ECB New Premises, Image: Robert Mescher - ©

ECB New Premises, Images: Robert Mescher - ©

ECB New Premises, Image: Robert Mescher - ©