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Since 1995 IFBsoft developed the Acoustic and Sound System Design Software ULYSSES.

In the very beginning ULYSSES was intended to be used on IFBs own consulting services only.

ULYSSES had been the project name and was kept later on, after the wandering took IFB, like Odysseus, back home.

The positive experience -especially the swift and easy use- inspired IFB to turn ULYSSES into a product. bildbild

1997 IFBsoft was founded for distribution and licensing of ULYSSES. Since then ULYSSES became a tool available to everyone.

Today ULYSSES licensing works through IFBsoft and a world-wide growing distribution network.

ULYSSES is available in german and englishe language, both versions switchable (convetring) to metric or imperial.

The number of ULYSSES user is slowly, but permanently growing. Most of the Users do use ULYSSES for their real day's work. IFBsoft is a little proud of that. bild

At the freeware dowload you will find some other little programs which will help to solve some daily issues. They are freeware, so they are for free.

Thanks to everyone who supported IFBsoft with all kinds of feedback to make it happen.

Impressum: IFB Consulting | Ginsheimer Str. 1 | 65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg | Germany

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