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ULYSSES Licenses & Pricing

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Basic Licensing Procedurebild

The ULYSSES© Software package cosists of 4 modules: The ULYSSES-Design-Engine, the Absorber Base, the Speaker Bulider and the Viewer module.

All module will run on 32-Bit Windows plattforms like Microsoft ®Windows® 95, 98, 2000 or Microsoft ® Windows® NT™, ME or XP.

The unique ULYSSES© Trans-Platform-Utility-Engine may even be run on Mac® or Linux® OS using appropriate Win-Emulation.

The Demo-Version, as well as the full licensed version and all Updates always consist of 4 modules.

bild If you want to download a fully working ULYSSES© Demo-Version , please check this web-site at Software-> ULYSSES->Download->Program.

ULYSSES© Licenses are assigned to your personal computer by an individual ID-Code depending on your hardware.

In order to obtain a full licensed version you need to install the ULYSSES Demo Version first, which, of course, may be used in the demo mode prior to licensing.

While installing ULYSSES© a "Computer-ID" will be displayed as part of the license screen and you will be asked for prompting your "License No." . Computer-ID

Please put down the displayed "Computer-ID" and forward this information to your distributor so a matching "License No." can be processed.

Important:The Demo-Version will be transformed into a full licensed version by prompting the corresponding "License No."

Foer using the Demo-Version just click on the OK- Button without putting in a "License No.".

Scope of Licensing

The license for each workstation includes three "License No." for a total number of 3 computers, e.g. one desktop-PC at the office, one desktop-PC at your home-office and one notebook for the road.

The license for one workstation enables you to run ULYSSES© on three computers. Consequently the license for two workstations includes six ID-Codes and allows using of ULYSSES on six individual computers etc. . bild

To use ULYSSES software on your computer, it is necessary to purchase a LICENSE. The License allows you to use the software package on up to the number of computers licensed. License fees are based on the total number of computers throughout your company or organisation that will use the software package. Distributing, decompilation, repackaging, alteration or reselling of the software to third parties is not allowed. All user licenses are prepaid.

Remarks on Licensingbild

ULYSSES© Licences are exclusively distributed by IFBsoft and their authorized distributors.

For obtaining a user license please contact your distributor.

If you want to applly for ULYSSES© distribution license please send a brief note to:
IFB soft Distribution

bild Although ULYSSES Software is intended to be a reliable tool the following restrictions have to be stated: IFBSoft disclaims all warranties as to this ULYSSES© software, wheter expressed or implied, including without any limitation implied warranties of merchantibility, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality, data and algorithm integrity or protection. IFBSoft disclaims all warranties as to this ULYSSES software any consequence of using it or results derived from it.

ULYSSES License Fees

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