The optimal sound

The quality of public address systems can be planned and calculated in advance (for example, with 3-D computer simulation) and also measured on existing systems.

Room acoustics as a prerequisite

For the planning of public address technology, the (room) acoustic situation must be known.

PA concepts

Different uses and conditions require the appropriate concepts.

Consulting and planning

Independent consulting and planning for different requirements.

Applications and services, typical objects

IFBcon offers a wide range of services for a wide variety of objects, tailored to your specific needs:

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voice and music transmission, calls, announcements and alerts

PA systems are available for a wide variety of uses

calls, announcements and voice alarm

Optimally designed sound systems for information transmission and security.

Strengthening Music and Speech

PA technology places all listeners in the front row.

Planning and Simulation

Engineering Electroacoustic Sound Transmissions with Modern Tools.