Sometimes you just need specialists and very special services

IFBcon has different specialties and also provides special services according to your requirements

Technical Controlling

In critical projects IFBcon helps to monitor planning and execution processes, costs, deadlines and execution details, as well as contract compliance; for PPP projects.

Voice alert in road tunnels

IFBcon is a co-founder of the SLASS principle and has extensive experience in designing, designing and optimizing voice alarm systems in road tunnels.

Simulation Models and Feasibility Studies

IFBcon produces simulation models for room acoustics and electroacoustics calculations and simulations for your project (for example also for voice alarm, SAA according to VDE 0833-4).

Special areas, special services, typical objectsSpecial areas, special services, typical objects

IFB offers a wide range of special services for a wide variety of objects, tailored to your specific needs:

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Room acoustics, public address technology and media technology is everywhere

There are countless projects where listening, seeing and understanding is extremely important.


IFBcon has several hundred train station properties, airport facilities and more. Accompanied and planning in Germany, Europe, USA and Asia.
Take advantage of our many years of experience for your project.

parliaments, lecture theaters and conference facilities

IFBcon is the first choice for projects with high demands on architectural-technical integration, or even during modernization on the fly,
be it for consulting, planning, engineering or other, special tasks.

Exhibition and exhibition companies

Modification and modernization of inventory, compliance with technical requirements, deadlines and budgets are some of the key requirements in this segment.
Various trade fair companies and exhibition companies have relied on IFBcon as a competent and reliable partner for more than 2 decades.