Our craft:
watch - listen - understand

Sometimes it lacks only a few little things, knowledge and experience.
IFBcon helps with the missing engineering, appropriate measurement technology and know-how.
You will be satisfied.

Simulations, reports, feasibility studies (also for SAA)

IFBcon provides you with tailor-made help with planning, simulation calculations, interpretations and feasibility studies for your project.

IFBcon has the missing puzzle piece for your project

Sometimes it just lacks a few details, knowledge and experiences. IFBcon helps with the lack of engineering, suitable measuring technology and know-how.

Acoustic Measurements

Room acoustics and SAA and public address systems can be measured and calculated (for example also in a computer with 3-D simulation). IFBcon will help you with suitable measurement technology and know-how

Applications and supporting services, typical objects

IFBcon offers a wide range of support services for your projects / objects, tailored to your specific needs:

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watch - listen - understand

Support for a wide variety of projects and use cases
You will be satisfied.

Independent Consulting and Compent Planning

Support in the engineering design of room acoustics, sound and audiovisual media for your specific application.

Images, videos, information, language and music become data

IFBcon provides tailor-made assistance in planning modern, flexible media technology and infrastructure for future use and IT integration.

Bills of quantities, service descriptions, concepts

IFBcon develops working concepts and helps to create bills of quantities and service descriptions in a functional form or as a unit price LV.